It's Time to Stop SCA 5

April 7, 2014

Earlier this year, the California State Senate passed SCA 5, which has been correctly dubbed "Skin Color Act 5". Supporters of SCA 5 have complained that Asians are "over-represented" on college campuses, making up 36% of UC admissions while only being 15% of the population. It's clear that the goal of SCA 5 is to cap Asian enrollment at California's universities.

Now I would think that the academic achievement of California's Asian minority, who got there solely based on merit, would be a success story worth celebrating. Last I checked, Asians should still be counted as a racial minority. And the fact that they represent over a third of UC admissions is the very definition of diversity. Let's not forget that affirmative action was only supposed to be used to balance out the advantages enjoyed by a white majority. It was never intended to be used against a racial minority who happened to achieve too much.

Although SCA 5 is currently halted, the upcoming elections are going to be critical in determining the bill's future. If the Democrats keep their majorities, there is no doubt that they will try to pass SCA 5 again next year. And it will be a lot easier to do if my Democrat opponent, Evan Low, is elected to the State Assembly while running in a district that was at the heart of the protests against SCA 5.

Evan Low recently said that Senator Hernandez needs to be "thanked" for creating SCA 5. But Evan Low is wrong. Senator Hernandez doesn't need to be thanked. He needs to be stopped. It is not an exaggeration to say that your kids might be denied admission to a top university due to their skin color if Evan Low is elected.

Martin Luther King Jr. said he had a dream that one day his kids would live in a nation where they aren't judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. But if SCA 5 becomes law, we're going back to judging people based on their skin color. Attacks on California's Asian minority, which is only 15% of the population, should not be tolerated. Racial discrimination is always wrong, and I believe the people of California will stand with us.

~Michael Hunsweck