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Michael Hunsweck on SCA 5

My name is Michael Hunsweck. I'm a resident of Cupertino. I'm also a candidate for State Assembly.

As you all know, earlier this year, California State Senate passed SCA 5, which I believe has been correctly dubbed "Skin Color Act 5". It's clear to me that the goal of this law is to cap Asian enrollment at California's universities.

Martin Luther King Jr. said he had a dream that one day his kids would live in nation where they aren't judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. But if SCA 5 becomes law, we're going back to judging people based on their skin color. I think Chief Justice John Roberts said it best when he said, "They way to end discrimination on the basis of race, is to stop discriminating on the basis of race."

It's clear that supporters of SCA 5 are not only wrong, they are on the wrong side of history. They don't need to be worked with. They need to be stopped. Attacks on California's Asian minority, which is only 15% of the population, should not be tolerated. Racial discrimination is always wrong, and I believe the people of California will stand with us. Thank you.


Evan Low on SCA 5

The ad above highlights Evan Low's position on SCA 5 in an interview he did with KQED. He says, "There are no quotas, and so there's a lot of misinformation that's out there." He also says we need to "thank" Senator Hernandez for creating SCA 5.

The clips from the KQED interview are interspersed with clips from a separate talk Evan Low gave two years ago. In it, he discusses his support for a ban on shark fin soup. Evan Low stated that he was "kicked out of a Chinese restaurant" over his support for the ban. Now I doubt anyone really cares if Evan Low helped put a ban on a particular kind of soup. But I know a lot of Asian parents are deeply concerned over Evan Low's support for SCA 5, since it would hurt the chances their kids might have in getting into a top public university.

Although SCA 5 is currently halted in the State Assembly, the upcoming elections are going to be critical in determining the bill's future. If the Democrats keep their majorities, there is no doubt that they will try to pass SCA 5 again next year. And it will be a lot easier to do if Evan Low is elected to the State Assembly while running in a district that was at the heart of the protests against SCA 5.

Evan Low said Senator Hernandez needs to be "thanked" for creating SCA 5. But Evan Low is wrong. Senator Hernandez doesn't need to be thanked. He needs to be stopped. It is not an exaggeration to say that your kids might be denied admission to a top university due to their skin color if Evan Low is elected. Evan Low is not only wrong, he is also on the wrong side of history. He may feel confident now, but his support for racial discrimination will no doubt doom his campaign.


KQED interview (starting about 14 min):

TED Talk:


Where are the conservatives?

Where? Where are the conservatives?

Why? Why hasn't anyone said that tax cuts have a proven track record of letting the economy grow? Not failed stimulus that only creates debt.

When? When will someone explain that a good energy policy needs an actual energy source, like oil and natural gas? Not "investments" in green energy which go bankrupt despite billions in tax subsidies.

Who? Meet Michael Hunsweck, for California State Assembly in West San Jose and its suburbs. Join us for a chance to make a difference!

Michael Hunsweck believes that parents should decide where their kids go to school. And we should defend the unborn because their lives depend on it.

You can help! Spread the word, volunteer, contribute!

Hunsweck for Assembly, June 2014.